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  1. Are you interested in designing or building a home?
  2. Do you require a easy to understand process from design to construction?


If any of the above questions relates to you then you are definitely at the right place. Realistic Home Designs offers a easy to understand approach to Project Design and Building Construction to ensure that clients are made aware of what they are buying into when attempting construction related activities.


Therefore we offer a Design Package that includes Custom architectural drawing preparation, 3D modelling of prepared drawing and even submission of drawings to the parish council if our client requires. Predrawn plans are available for sale as well.


We also offer a Construction Management Package that involves the management of the construction process to ensure that whatever our clients see on paper is executed to the highest standard on site and is within budget.
In this regard we operate as the clients direct agent during the course of the project and not as a contractor thus eleminating any conflicts of interests in the construction process.









Let us help you achieve your dream of building a homeā€¦.